Sunday, February 21, 2016


So it appears that I manage to post about once a month. Since last month we have stayed busy with the usual activities in addition to many more visits with the local members, teaching appointments and great random contacts in the community. Two weeks ago we were "babysitting" the Enterprise Sisters apartment while repairs were being done. The property manager lives across the street and I had a great opportunity to discuss the church and missionaries with her. She and I both laughed and wondered why the sisters don't open their windows for air and yet complain about it being an oven! This week we were in the mall making a purchase and we weren't sure which store to choose. We ended up in a store when the operator recognized our name tags as missionaries for the Church. He had had one lesson already and another scheduled. He had some questions, we had answers, and we think he was much more interested in learning more. One of our teaching appointments was with a woman who had many lessons but not progressing. Just before we started, she told the missionary she didn't want to talk about going to Church. And he agreed. Shortly into the lesson a neighbor came by that she knew but we did not. She greeted us as members would and proceeded to bear witness to our investigator of the very principle of attending Church and her experience. She is a member that we don't know who attends another Branch. She has known the woman for years. This neighbor told the missionaries she was willing to friendship and attend church with our investigator which she did. After the neighbor left our investigator was in tears and she said she knew it was not a coincidence but the Holy Ghost. She came to Church and committed to baptism. It was very powerful. our goal is to get the neighbor member to come back to our branch. Every week we seem to have another less active come back to Church. It may not be regularly yet but the want to change. Familiar and cultural environments make this a challenge for them. The young missionaries here in Black Rock are on fire and doing great work. We have had great experiences with the other Barbados missionaries too and love it when we can be with them also. Once again we have just finished apartment inspections. We have finally cleaned out the apartments of all the junk including clothing and shoes left behind by missionaries. Many people have benefited from the donations. This week we will Be cooking for zone lunch again. Thanks to all our friends who have contributed recipes. I have big regrets for not bringing my recipes with me. Both for the two of us and for crowds. Don't hesitate to send me any of yours that are extra yummy. Last Saturday we held a Missionary sponsored Branch outdoor social. Our branch mission leader requested sloppy joes!! It's not what I would have chosen and maybe not all the members were excited by it. But everyone likes to eat and there was tons of food and afterwards there was a game of Rounders- men against women. The men just barely won at the end just before dark. We had quite a few investigators attend and some stayed after dark to hang out with us. Everyone felt it was a great successful activity and some members commented that this is what it used to be like. We have both spoke in church twice now which really shouldn't surprise me, but.... Speaking of church- today was Branch Conference and our Branch Pres was released. He and his wife recently had the blessing of traveling to Canada to be sealed in the temple. We have VERY FEW active priesthood members so Glen was sustained as acting branch leader (not president) with the hope it will be short term. Our missionary district leader is called to be an assistant to Glen. obviously our time commitments will change a bit but we are still foremost missionaries. so that means we need to work harder with our less actives to prepare the Branch to have their own in leadership. on Feb 1 we moved into our new apartment. It really is more like an American townhouse. a gated community. Because we we looking for an apartment at the worst time of year there were very few choices. I feel a little guilty living so well here, but Glen doesn't. He loves the gym and pool facilities. And a place to wash our truck. We are now much closer to the Branch which is good since we are there at least 6 times a week. The downside is we no longer have a view of the ocean and the beach is further away. Our humanitarian missionary couple has arrived and living in our old apartment. Part of his duties will be as mission secretary and she will be in charge all the apartment in the entire mission And then their humanitarian duties. Our mission is desperately in need of senior couples. Especially French speaking. You must be in good health to come here. So spread the word. It was so great to celebrate both grandaughter's birthdays this month. Although Skype isn't quite as good as being there. We thank our families for their support while we serve and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the members and people of Barbados.