Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The MTC has Come and Gone

So much for soon!!  I will catch you up on the events since we entered the MTC on Nov 16.

The MTC was a great experience and definitely helped us in our preparation to share the gospel.  I was very nervous but this is a very happy place and they know how to put seniors at ease.  It was a very busy time with homework every night.  It was a light week for senior missionaries so Our district consisted of 3 couples! Several times a day we were referred to as Elder and Sister Barbados or some other way there was a reference to our vacation mission.
We met so many interesting missionaries but we loved our conversations with Elders Chir Chir and Babu from Uganda.  We met them in the cafeteria right after their arrival.  They continued to wear their jackets while getting used to the Utah climate.  They will be learning Portuguese then travel to Mozambique for their missions.  They are both recent converts to the Church but have strong testimonies and desires to become stalwart members of the church. I wish I could post more pictures but we are having trouble connecting between our devices.
It was so hard to say goodbye to our children and grandchildren via Skype.  Glen's family in Utah was so good to us; shuttling us from place to place.  We finished at the MTC on Friday at noon but didn't fly out until Sunday at midnight arriving in Barbados at 2:40pm with no sleep.


  1. Well Brother & Sister Barbados, sounds like a good, positive experience at the youthful MTC!

  2. BTW, for future reference, Oxnard J. Philpott is my Blog superego. The ghost writer is me, Steve Shepherd, your humble savant.